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ArtHouses, 2019

17th and 18th August 2019

TV showing website image of sunset

Into the Horizonoftheinfinite.NET, 2018

In this digital installation a website is displayed on the household television set that shows a single image of a setting sun. The image displayed is embedded from a publicly available web camera and changes regularly as the earth turns. The effect is a roughly hewn, never-ending, view of sunset that embraces the algorithmically networked society we currently find ourselves in. A web camera installed in Victoria Avenue additionally creates a direct link from the local area to its online global presence.

Website screenshot showing setting sun over london with rain drops on the window

Screen shot showing sunset over London on Sunday 18th August 2019

Screen shot showing view from installed camera at Victoria Avenue

Screen shot showing view from installed camera at Victoria Avenue on Sunday 18th August 2019

photograph showing view out of a skylight with raspberry pi camera and cable hanging from the handle

Photograph of the camera looking west from Victoria Avenue

Exhibiting artists
Alan Boxshall . Alexandra Hughes . Bethany Stead . Betty and the Rat . Bronwen Buckeridge . Catrin Huber . Chris Fielder . Foundation Press . Georgia Bates . Harriet Plewis . Helen Pailing . James Bryant . Kathleen James . Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau & Hamish Macpherson . Peter J Evans . Petra Szemán . Sarah Bowker-Jones . Stephen Hurrel

ArtHouses Press Release
ArtHouses​ is an artist led project which offers new situations to develop and present artworks, engaging new audiences with contemporary arts practice and contributing to the sense of community in Whitley Bay.

The event gives a vibrant focus to the conversations between artists and householders hosting the works, who become advocates for the artwork, enabling them to share it with a wider public during the event.

Artworks are selected from an open call in dialogue with the residents hosting the artwork. The engagement and trust built through this process generates valuable conversations around the artwork and creates unique situations in which to exhibit and view artwork.

ArtHouses was initiated by artist Tracey Tofield in 2010 as a part of Whitley Bay Film Festival. Since 2017 the project has been managed by Sophie Buxton alongside a team which has brought in new members each year and has included Tracey Tofield, Lois Hobby, Rob Smith, Sneha Solanki, Lesley Guy and Alan Boxshall.

ArtHouses is supported through National Lottery Funding from Arts Council England and by Whitley Bay Big Local

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