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untitled (Kiss of Death), untitled (Kiss of Life), 2019

Two-channel, livestream video projection installation.

The installation incorporates two hanging projection screens opposite each other. On each screen is a micro camera; these are filming and broadcasting in real time and with a short delay.

When a viewer is between the screens, they will see an image of themselves appear on one side. This image is broadcast in real time. The opposite screen will show the reverse viewpoint with a short delay. This image is recorded and broadcast through YouTube.

The result of this symmetrical and asynchronous set-up is that the images captured will continue to reverberate once the viewer has left the installation. The digital image bounces from one screen and seems to be immediately reflected back on the other side. Over time its quality degrades until it becomes only flashing colours and bright patches of light. All of the images are marked by at least one, and often multiple, renditions of the camera and camera cable which are integral to it.

The physical intention of the install is to create a semi-private space, a space the that viewer feels they are entering in to, rather than passing through. The result is akin to a body scanner. Due to the interaction of the immediate and delayed image playback there is often a moment that occurs where it seems that the two images on screen are courting or kissing each other.

untitled (Kiss of Death), untitled (Kiss of Life), 2019

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