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You will never let me go, 2017

You will never let me go, 2917
Digital C-Type Print mounted on Aluminium.
Each panel is 36 x 48 cm.
Diptych: Edition of 6 + 2AP

Three Digital C-Type prints mounted upon the aluminium panel that they are a photograph of.

In this work the viewer is unable to see the three metal panels presented side by side as they are literally obstructed by their own image. The panels were photographed together and share the same moment of light and time and as such there is a subtle dialogue that arises between each piece and binds them together.

As a reflection on prohibition the work is inspired by contemporary society and an ever-increasing interaction with the image of the ‘real’, that is to say the reception rather than the perception. It expresses a feeling of discomfort as we move ever closer towards a future where the physical event is insignificant to its recorded and re-presented counterpart.

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