James Bryant

Exhibitions & Artworks





Living Room (Vanishing Point C), 2020

rose_, 2020

drWing, 2020

Beach Towel, 2019

untitled (Kiss of Death), untitled (Kiss of Life), 2019

Gestures of inconsequence "A Royal Exchange" 1, 2019

Saudade, 2019

untitled (Rupture #1), 2018

untitled (Rupture #2), 2018

untitled (Transplant: Act I, Act II, Act III), 2018

Into the Horizonoftheinfinite.NET, 2018

Vanishing Point A and Vanishing Point B, 2017

An Allegory with Venus and Time, 2017

Unspecified Duration, 2017

untitled (you will never let me go), 2017

journal-jpg.net, 2016

Holdenhurst road billboard installation, 2003

John's house, Westbourne, 2002


2020 Soul Refresher (Mountain Rose Soda), photography commission for Abbas Zahedi

Group Shows

2020 Soft Spot Underground Manouvres, Manchester, UK / Online

2019 The Wrong Bienniale, User Preferences, Online

2019 We [breathe] in the space between, London, UK (until 17th November 2019)

2019 MiAL Collection, TM Gallery, London, UK (until 29th November 2019)

2019 Through the Looking Glass, Lumen X Ugly Duck, London, UK

2019 ArtHouses, Whitley Bay, UK

2019 A Letter in Mind, The Bargehouse, London, UK

2019 Open Mouth Student Film Festival, London, UK

2019 Degree Show One: Art, Central Saint Martins, London, UK

2018 Metaphonica IV, Central Saint Martins, London, UK

2018 Diffractions Without Organs, London, UK

2018 Apiary Studios, MA Interim Show, London, UK

2017 Les Interdictions, Central Saint Martins, London, UK

2015 Exposed, PhotoFusion Gallery, London, UK

2014 Open House, Scawfell Street, London, UK

2003 Onebluepro, Shiga, Japan

2003 Strawberry Incident, Truman Brewery, London, UK

2003 Holdenhurst Road 48-Sheet, JC Decaux, Billboard installation, Bournemouth, UK


2020 uni2unicorns, Digital Maker Collective at Tate Exchange, London, UK

2019 Tate Exchange Event, Central Saint Martins at Tate Modern, London, UK

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